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Weight loss Tips

Weight loss Tips
  1. Weight loss Tips

Weight loss Tips

Weight loss was not an issue a century ago But the lifestyle of the people have changed drastically and now we are required to lots of sitting behind the desk or watching Tv excessively and that have caused us obesity, heart disease, diabetes and infections Arthritis and depression. That’s not what our bodies made for because we are designed for movement and social activities.

It is important to exercise regularly as part of your lifestyle, and whether you want to lose weight or not, and you also should follow a healthy diet to improve your well being. I am going to share with you some great weight loss tips and their benefits that can impact your life and improve your health:

Exercise and training: It is important to exercise throughout your life and make it a necessity. Exercising can help you lose weight quickly and break down the toxins of the body. Here is why should exercise

  • Improves blood circulation and stabilize blood pressure to normal rates. It also increases the immune system’s ability to carry out its functions.
  • Improves the body’s sensitivity and increase muscle strength and endurance and your ability to insist.
  • Work to strengthen the muscles around the joints to protect them from damage.
  • Strengthen the muscles around the joints to protect them from damage.
  • Numerous studies have shown that exercise is useful in the treatment of depression; and they are like antidepressants.
  • Reduce the desire to eat and improve your ability to lose weight when you follow a diet.

They are countless benefits of exercising but I am sure you get the point. Get a gym membership or join a sport group that way you would be having fun and losing weight at the same time.

Avoid sugary drinks:

Americans consume large amounts of sugary drinks and the FDA Results were shocking. Each American drinks 80-90 grams of sugar per day which equate to 6 table spoons. These drinks are high in calories and have many unnecessary Carbohydrate and other supplements. Avoid these type of drinks and buy yourself fresh fruits from the supermarket and make it a healthy juice at home, that way you would be in control of how much sugar you should consume and providing your body with a healthier drinks.

Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
of the project WOW Bali

TOP-10 ingredients
for your health and
balanced meal plan
Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
of the project WOW Bali

As Hippocrates said, you are what you eat. The meaning of this phrase concerns every person, who takes care of his health. The food we eat has a big impact on our vital activity, state of health and quality of life.

Nowadays healthy diet is very popular and everyone knows that he should give up junk food. But not everyone knows what he must eat except for grain, vegetables and protein food.

It's essential to diversify your diet. Every bite of food should provide you with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are necessary for good health.

So how can we have a proper nutrition plan?

We prepared a PDF-file to help you. It contains TOP-10 ingredients, which should be added to everyone's diet.

Drink water:

The human body is made of 70% of water and you must drink eight glasses a day. Following this guideline helps you to replace Sugary and energy drinks (non-healthy) with water. Think of water as an essential nutrient to your body in order to replace the large amount of liquid lost each day.

Control food portion:

A lot of weight gaining comes from eating large amounts of food after Being hungry for long period of time. Such action makes your digestive System saves more portions of unnecessary fats. For instance if you take the Europeans as an example, they eat smaller portion of food compared to the Americans. Not necessarily any healthier food but definitely smaller portions.

Eat healthy and harmful fat:

Natural fat helps your body to control blood sugar and it’s a great a source of energy. The following examples will give you an idea of the specific natural food that contains healthy fat: Avocado, pumpkin seeds, low-fat cheese, low-sodium nuts, canola oil , olive oil, sunflower oil.

Eat a healthy breakfast:

Breakfast is very important to lose weight quickly, so try eating large meal that has rich nutrients which helps to increase your metabolism rate inside the cells and speed up the weight loss process. Eating a meal of oats with milk and fruit pieces or a piece of toast with eggs are a healthy breakfast and reduces the lack of hunger for a long time, and thus it stimulates the body to burn fat.

Eat Fruits before meals:

Eating apples or bananas before meals, like 5-10 minutes before helps you feel full quickly and eat less food, also contains good amount of fiber that help to regulate the digestive process and gets the stomach feeling full, which causes the body to burn more calories.

Deep breathing:

Breathing oxygen is the first enemy of fat, try taking a deep breath daily for 5-10 minutes, and therefore helps to fill the blood with oxygen, which increases the rate of fat burning within the cells of the body and thus lose weight.

Reduce calories:

Do you know that just sitting in front of television or computer screen your body still burns fat, and although it is just few amounts, but it’s effective. High calories prevent the burning of stored fat but when you do exercise daily then it shouldn’t bother you. As long as you burn the food you eat daily through exercise and physical activity.

Eat seeds and nuts:

Some might think that eating nuts can hurt your diet, a big misunderstanding although the body needs some fat to do the construction of the cells, and nuts are one of the richest seeds in protein and constructive fat. Eat small handful of seeds a day like almonds, pistachios, walnuts that are beneficial to the body and make it a great healthy substitute.

Those tips are very effective to lose weight and will help you improve your health and wellness. For any questions regarding the above tips, feel free to ask in the comment section below and as always thank you.