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Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery

Have you tried a lot of regimens to lose weight but you have not achieves a sexy yet healthy figure yet? Have you been spending more in your diet and trained weight loss coach? Do you feel hopeless in losing more pounds? If that is the case, there are other treatments you can rely on like weight loss surgery which is sometimes called as Bariatric surgery. With that, you can witness a lot of changes in your body within a short span of time.

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

It encompasses a range of procedures that are performed on people who cannot lose weight. Usually, it is undergone by most obese individuals. It is achieved through the reduction of stomach size by removing a portion (sleeve gastrectomy), resecting or re-routing the small intestine to a stomach pouch through gastric bypass surgery.

According to studies, Bariatric surgery results to significant long-term weight loss, diabetes recovery and cardiovascular improvements. Whatever your needs are, you can rely on the safe procedures a lot. You can have a great investment at the end of the day. You will also eliminate your risk of experiencing any discomfort and pain.

Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
of the project WOW Bali

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Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
of the project WOW Bali

As Hippocrates said, you are what you eat. The meaning of this phrase concerns every person, who takes care of his health. The food we eat has a big impact on our vital activity, state of health and quality of life.

Nowadays healthy diet is very popular and everyone knows that he should give up junk food. But not everyone knows what he must eat except for grain, vegetables and protein food.

It's essential to diversify your diet. Every bite of food should provide you with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are necessary for good health.

So how can we have a proper nutrition plan?

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Is Weight Loss Surgery Good for You?

Bariatric surgery is safe to you when you continuously acquire more pounds. You can see a big difference in your body without acquiring any side effect. However, you should choose a reliable and trustworthy doctor so that your life will never be at stake.

Before making any decision, you need to be very careful in order to avoid potential problems in the near future. When choosing a surgeon, you should consider his/her reputation, experience and expertise so that you will be guided. With a certified and reputed specialist, weight loss surgery is great on your part.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

  • Restrictive Surgery – This type of weight loss surgery shrinks stomach size that effectively slows down digestion. Normally, a stomach can hold 3 pints of food. After the surgery, you stomach can hold less in which you can have a sexy body. Having a small stomach, you can eat less for sure.
  • Malabsorptive Surgery – This changes how a person takes in food. It can make your stomach smaller that can ensure a great weight loss result. It also bypasses a portion of your digestive tract wherein your body can hardly absorb calories. Nevertheless, malabsorptive surgery is not being used anymore because of its side effects.
  • Electrical Device Implant – This is the newest technique in losing weight that interrupts various nerve signals between the brain and the stomach. Before deciding on what type you want, you should undergo a consultation from a dependable surgeon. Through any of these types of bariatric surgery, proper exercise, and healthy diet, you can lose weight up to 60% (Stegemann, Obesity Action Coalition, 2012).

When you suffer from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, weight loss surgery is one of the best treatments you can depend on. Once you undergo the surgery, you will see a big change in your body. With daily exercise and proper diet, you can achieve a holistic result – healthy and sexy figure.