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How to lose weight in a certain place in your body

How to lose weight in a certain place in your body

The Question comes like ” Can I lose weight in a specific parts on my body ?” Well, Exercising and dieting make you lose weight all over your body. Because of the way metabolism works, that’s make targeting certain parts of your body for weight loss hard, but still not impossible.

Targeted fat loss, also known as “spot reduction,” is a type of exercise that many people turn to when trying to slim down specific areas of their bodies

Here is a good effective tips can help you lose weight in a certain parts of your body starting with :

How to Lose Calve Fat

We all envy against people who have sexy and attractive calves. How does your calve look? There is no need to feel sad and sorry about it. You can get sexy calve and reduce fat by healthy diet routine and regular exercise. Calve fat reduction exercises are easy to perform. They can be practiced either at gym with available machines or at your comfortable home with dumbbells.

Standing calves

Put feet balls on block of foot. Keep feet wide far from each other approximately shoulder’s width. Keep knees straight. Toes must point upwards. Keep your whole body erect straight and make your heel lower as much as possible then after some time rise on ones toes as high as possible. One must hold this position 2-3 seconds. Then relax. Repeat this position as many times as possible.

You can do this exercise with machine in the gym

Seated calve: this exercise scan be done using same way as previous exercise. The only difference is that this is done in sitting position. Sit down, and then put the feet ball on the block of the foot. Keep feet wide far from each other approximately shoulder’s width.

Keep toe forward pointed. Knew should be kept bent. Make your heels as far as they can stretch, hold there, and then lift the toes as high as possible. Repeat this exercise as many times as your body permits. While doing this exercise at gym weight pad will be strapped on ones knees. It’s very important to keep weight properly to avoid any injury o r accidents.

Single standing calve: Only one feet ball is used in this exercise. It’s very important to keep once balance. Keep your heels low as far as possible, hold them after wards stand on feel ball as high as possible. Repeat this exercise many time and then move the other calve.

There are exercises having lower intensity for such exercise feel should not be kept at shoulder length. Place the toes forward and keep the knee erect straight and then rips eon the feet ball. Hold for few second and then back to normal position. Only resistance in this exercise is one’s body.

Nata Gonchar

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Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
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As Hippocrates said, you are what you eat. The meaning of this phrase concerns every person, who takes care of his health. The food we eat has a big impact on our vital activity, state of health and quality of life.

Nowadays healthy diet is very popular and everyone knows that he should give up junk food. But not everyone knows what he must eat except for grain, vegetables and protein food.

It's essential to diversify your diet. Every bite of food should provide you with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are necessary for good health.

So how can we have a proper nutrition plan?

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Stretching is important after calve fat reduction exercise. It’s advisable to stretch before and after calve exercise to ignore and avoid any cram or strain injury.

These important tips will surly help to tone down and reduce calve fat.

How to Lose Breast Fat

Some areas of the body are often more prone to fat accumulation than others, but the only way to lose fat from such areas is opting for a complete body workout. Similar is the case with the breast fat, in order to lose fat from the breast a change in the eating habits and an incorporation of an exercise regime is a necessity.

Since there is no such things like miracles diet or exercises concentrating on the breast size to make it smaller, the only option is burning fat from the body as a whole which will automatically entail the breast fat get melted away.

Some tips which you can follow to achieve effective weight loss may include doing things like; switching on from a sedentary lifestyle to a moderate one, which will require certain amount of work out on a regular basis. And for those who are moderately active you need to take it to a higher notch. The heart rate needs to pump up for about 30 minutes to enhance the body’s metabolism and to keep the rate increase all day long.

The heart pumping can be achieved effectively by exercises like running and dancing. For starters beginning with a workout of 10 minutes and then gradually increasing it is often a good practice. Slowly but gradually you will see that your workout sessions will extend more than 30 minutes and when the heart will start pumping faster, there will be a metabolism boost and hence fat loss from even the breast part.

Say no to carbohydrates; staying away from white bread and its products saves your body from gaining unwanted energy, try opting for whole grain bread and avoid white bread and its products totally. Avoid taking extra servings of pasta and always choose wheat bagels over the plain ones. Also cutting on the intake of simple carbs and going to the whole grain varieties will burn fat faster from the breast and will avoid fat accumulation.

The whole grain products being high on fiber will aid your body in resisting the accumulation of breast fat. Being more satiety, eating this will make you feel fuller for longer and will aid in cutting greatly on snacking and eating between meals.

Say no to saturated fats (Study). Opt for low fat dairy product over red meat, making a considerable change in your fat intake this will aid in fast weight loss. No need to say no to meat and dairy completely; just decrease the amount you usually consume.

Always choose lean meat over “choice” meats for the lower fat content in them. Eat ground turkey rather than ground beef. If still not contended choose from the numerous recipes online and also change your cooking oil from vegetable to the extra virgin olive oil. Switch to low fat variations of mayonnaise and margarine and reduce their consumption to half.

Exercises that you can follow are push-ups which will tone your chest and working on pectoral muscles, will also help greatly. To lose fat from your breast effectively opt for a combination of a low cal diet and an exercise regime to get your heart pumped up.

Exercise like bench presses and chest curls also help the breast fat get melted away. Also going for an exercise which involves lying on your back with knees folded and dumbbells in both hands, try lifting your body with the help of the weights you are holding, to help your chest muscles get to work.

The fat on the breast is always proportionate to the other part, so in order to lose fat from here lose fat from the entire body.

How to Lose Chin Fat

Facial fats are not only difficult to get rid of but also can cause embarrassment as well. Well fat accumulated o chin when there is already access fat in the rest of the body. One can get rid of this situation by changing the way we are living our daily life. We all know that we carry a lifestyle where it becomes very difficult to deviate as be become slave of our own habit. It’s not easy to alter our daily routine but good habits can be developed.

How to Lose Chin Fat

It will take great determination and hard work to work out the desired result. Chin fat is very problematic as we are not aware of excursive that can be done to bunt he fat and also we tend to get lazy when it comes to our face. There are chin fat reduction exercise are available when done with dedication can result in wonders. This is very simple exercise just open your mouth as wide as possible and closes it. Repeat it many times. This will help reduce the chin fat. Jaw based exercise is the best recommended exercise to reduce chin fat.

Well apart from his exercise there is no other chin specific exercise but one must always keep the fact in mind that over all body fat reduction will eventfully result in chin fat reduction. One can never expect to just do chin exercise to get the best result.

One must do full body exercise which should include cardiovascular exercise and each and every part of your body. There are simple ways to reduce fat like regulating not only exercising regime but also diet habit as well. Make smart choices like use stair case than lift. Take walk than taxi. Drink lots of water. Eat fresh and raw food than canned product.

Turn to low fat dairy products

Having chin fat is quite prominent in toys life style. It happens as we are storing too much of fat all around our body. One must change the daily routine .one must have following exercising regime like squats, cardio, crunches, reps , lunges and bicep curls. Well this is the best way to do the overall body works out. As it exercise all the muscle and burn calories. One must be engaged in activities all the time and eat well balanced diet. Just follow the simple tips and get rid of chin fat fast.

How to Lose Bicep Fat

If you are already having exercise plan or if you want to chalk out one plan it must include biceps and it is essential for men as well as women. Bicep training is no longer men’s forte. Women also need to exercise and make their bodies toned. There are many very effective exercise are available to work on bicep and to reduce access fat in various parts on the body. Exercise turns fat into muscles.

It is very important to study the chemistry between nutritious food and strength training. Fat gets deposited on the parts less activated and ignored while exercising. By changing our diet one can control fat accumulation. It’s advisable to accommodate good diet with hard work outs to get best results. One must control drinking habit like soft drinks and beverages etc one must drink as much water as possible. As drinking water is healthy and help in reducing fat. One must drink as much water as possible in a day.

One major myth is starving and dieting i.e. eating nothing at all. It’s very important to eat and eat well. Make a diet plan which must include green vegetables, fresh juices, low fat dairy products, fibers and loads of drinking water. It’s very important to restrict your selves from eating temptation like ice cream, chocolates and high fat dairy products. It is equally important to follow eating routine and one must abstain from impulsive eating habits to reduce bicep fat.

As we have discussed on diet plan now let’s focus on some important exercises. Barbell: it is most liked exercise for both men and women. Take weight one can capable of holding then make sure to do minimum ten reps and then increase its rate.


each hand should hold one dumbbell then fold them to ones chest and then put it down back in straight manner at ones hips. Weight should always be agreeable to one’s body condition.


put ones elbow inside ones knee and then work out bicep curl in this posture.

It is advisable to take agreeable weight. It should be challenging to your body to work out. Fat pertaining to bicep work fully reduced as one follows the given instruction in daily routine. Never ignore other body parts and exercise them well. Comprehensive work out can get the bicep fat reduced considerably. One must start as soon as possible to get best result.

How to Lose Leg Fat

Having fat in legs is quite known problem. As legs are most used body part, legs can be exercised easily. Lots of simple and easy exercises are there to help you.

To burn your leg fat walk as much as possible. Make your routine such that you walk most of the time instead of taking any vehicle. The Best exercise of all is running. Just put you running shoes on and run to get rid of leg fat. Running helps you in many ways like it helps to beat heart healthier & takes care of your metabolism. It is the fastest way to lose leg fat.

Cycling is another advisable option to get your leg fat burned. Go to hillock it will increase your efforts and reduce fat fast. You can also get cycling machine at home and use it while watching TV or times when weather does not permit you to go out. Burn you leg fat while playing games like baseball, football, tennis, basket ball etc. it will not only activate your to heart pump well but you will lose leg fat as well. Another fun filled way to get your leg fat burned is Rollerblading. It’s a fun aerobic way to lose leg fat with friends around.

You can do many exercises at home like stand on ball of your feet and lower down. Repeat this exercise several times. This will help you burn your leg fat. You can join any nearby gym where you do many exercises like weight lifting, running and aerobics at the same time. Best thing about joining gym is it regularizes your exercising activity. Apart from advised exercising it’s very important to compliment it with correct dieting.

You must drink lots of water & fresh fruit juices and must avoid soft drinks. Also make a habit of using skimmed, low or no fat dairy products this will help you reduce your fat & calorie consumption.

The key to lose fat is to get rid of excess calories. There are varieties of help and tools available in internet which help you count your daily calorie counts. Plan your diet with more water contents, fibrous food and exercise regularly. These combinations will surly help you burn unwanted fat and your legs will always be in shape.

The most important factor is your dedication to follow these simple suggestions. You will find incredible changes just following them regularly.

How to lose stomach fats

As it is said that

the whole concentration of any body is assumed to be concentrated at the centre. Let’s consider this mechanics theory in our case. Stomach can be considered as the centre of our body. Well, not exactly the weight of human body can assumed to be concentrated at stomach, but certainly it is the part that makes overall appearance of our body.

Burning stomach fat is really a hard nut to crack. It’s really annoying to do your utmost to lose weight but stomach fat seems not to be swayed. There are some tips and tricks that will help you to get rid of the spare stomach fat and slender up your body.

Watch what you eat

The extra carbohydrates foster the fats in our body. And thus it becomes mandatory to go on a diet to burn up these extra carbohydrates.

White bread products and simple sugar are the rich source of carbohydrates. Plain bagel, bread sandwich, Italian spaghetti and pasta all these are very common among day to day meals, especially in busy schedule.

Not just cut down carbohydrates from your meals completely but try some alternatives that contain less carbohydrate and give you a sheer pleasure of same tang. Whole wheat bagel in place of plain bagel for breakfast, rye bread sandwich for lunch and whole grain pasta for dinner but yet again not replete up to neck. Practice a nutritional regime; go for whole grain varieties if at all possible.

Fried foods are again lending a hand to enrich the fats. Though fish and chicken are healthy foods but a load of fats get entrapped after a deep frying process, and thus the existing fat surpasses the actual nutritional contents. This can enhance the stomach fat. Grilling or baking instead of frying might be helpful.

High protein diet is rather a good solution to get healthier fats that your body is really in need of. Fish, legumes, beans and nuts are some favorable protein source.

Alcohol is yet another furtive assistant of stomach fat. It slowdowns the metabolism, and accumulates stomach fat. So immediately cut back the excess alcohol ingestion.

Keep in shape your body in a classy manner

Exercise is a genuine way to reduce stomach fat. Cardiovascular exercise with strength training is the ideal approach to burn up the adequate amount of calories. Cardiovascular exercises get your heart pump and amplify the metabolism and strength training tone your muscles. Thus it does both; burning calories as well as strengthening muscles.

Most of the stomach fats puff up in the lower abdomen area, and thus certain leg exercises are quite supportive to reduce stomach fat. But a whole body movement is equally important to sustain the metabolism.

BONUS! How to lose weight eating healthy

Eat a lot and lose weight. This sentence although sounding too good to be true but actually holds a great significance for especially all those inpiduals who are starving their bodies to achieve success in their weight loss trials. Eating more can help you in losing those extra pounds but the actual thing that is significant and worth considering here are what you eat and not how much you eat.

Eating more of low fat, healthy natural food is a way to lose weight. Avoiding all the junk food, even those tempting burgers to those mouth-watering pizzas and even those drinks that are carbonated and very rich in sugars is a necessity and often the first step to a healthy you. Add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your eating habits, for rich in fiber they are sure known to improve your bowel movements and aid in proper digestion helping your body lose that extra constipated weight you carry every now and then on you.

Make two things your only companion in weight loss i.e. water and fiber.

  • Drinking plenty of water and eating food that is a rich source of natural fiber is a great way to stay apt or even bring your body back on the apt weight scales.
  • Eating a platter of mixed salad before every meal will not just help you get a great serving of a healthy food but will also help you eat much less than usual at the same time making it sure that you are not starving or keeping away your body from any vital nutrient.

Reining in your consumption of refined carbohydrates is a easy way to lose fat from the most stubborn part of your body-your abdomen. Also, adhering onto weight loss plans that have their own pre-defined diets that are fuller yet healthier depending upon your lifestyle are an easy way to lose weight while eating healthy. Also, not just change your eating habits but even your cooking ones. Practicing more of steaming, boiling and baking rather than deep frying and other methods can help you get back your body while eating.

Carbohydrates should offer 45–65 percent of your daily calorie consumption for all age groups and sexes, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (PDF Guidelines).

When consuming a 2,000-calorie diet, the Daily Value (DV) for carbs is 300 grammes per day, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Some people restrict their daily carb intake to roughly 50–150 grammes per day in the hopes of reducing weight.

So, eating and losing weight are not two things that can never be combined. In fact, eating right is the necessity rather than not eating while losing weight. So, to lose weight look for healthier eating options, for eating a balanced diet and healthy food is a necessity to help the body keep working aptly and stay fit.