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Hanna Borowska

4 years of holistic nutrition private practice

Holistic nutritionist, Editor

Certified holistic nutritionist, detox coach and naturopath. I have tested and shattered many myths about external and internal health through my own experience. And now I know exactly which recommendations work and which do not. But whats even more important I am convinced that health solutions should always be personalized taking into account ones physical and mental condition, lifestyle, diet, level of physical activity and even personality. My holistic nutritionist practice took me to this knowledge.

My mission is to help people live a better life full of energy, joy, cheer and passion, which would be impossible without a healthy body.


Faculty of Journalism and Political Science MA political science, Univesity of Warsaw Institute of Nutrition and Detox Coaching – holistic nutritionist, detox coach, naturopath


  • Probiotic Strategies in Mycobiome Disorders, Institute of Preventive Medicine
  • Psychobiome. The Breakthrough in approach to the gut microbiome therapy. Institute of Preventive Medicine
  • Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbione, University of Colorado Boulder, UC San Diego
  • Psychodietetics in Practice, A4 Academy
  • Diet for Thyroid Disorders, A4 Academy
  • Diet for Fertility Problems and Prevention, A4 Academy
  • Natural Biohacking, A4 Academy
  • Nutrition, Shaw Online Academy
  • Introduction to Digital Journalism – Reuters Online Training Course
  • Advanced Newsroom Management and Online Production, IREX Europe
  • Radio Production, BBC Media Action
  • Radio Journalism, FOJO Media Institute

Specialization and Professional Skills

  • 13 years in journalism as a correspondent, journalist, editor, radio-presenter and producer (European Radio for Belarus and nikalab)
  • 4 years of holistic nutrition private practice

Diplomas and certificates


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