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Fat Burning Abs Exercises

Fat Burning Abs Exercises

Fat Burning Abs Exercises

Whenever people are thinking of the word “abs”, they usually think about those muffin tops which blooms at the top of their pants. However, these abdominal, which are defined as the set known as the core includes the several connected muscles which are running back and stretching down to your butt and the inner and front thighs.

A great kind of crunch

This kind of abs exercise can be done through sitting so that your upper torso and thighs are going to form a V-shape and with your lower legs lifted and crossed. With this position, you have to hold at least a 5 pound dumbbell or a medicine ball between both of your hands and swivel it from left to right and then your back while bringing the ball across your body while you are maintaining a perfect V shape. Do this three sets of reps for at least three to four times each week.

Bridge opposite arm and leg reach

In order to achieve this abs exercise, you have to lie face up with a bent left knee and your left foot to remain flat on the floor and a right leg extended towards the room’s ceiling. You have to reach towards the ceiling using your left arm while keeping your right arm down on your side.

Without the need to move your shoulders

or your hips, you will open you raised arm to the left and your raised leg to the right direction.

Low belly leg reach

This abs exercise targets the six packs and corset. In doing so, you have to lie face up with your knees bent 90 degrees, abs contracted, and your hands behind your head. While keeping your knees stacked on the hips, you have to lift your shoulder then crunch up. Next thing is inhale and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.

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Lie on your back with your knees bent 90 degree and your feel lifted. Swing your arms forward and exhale while straightening your body to form a V. Next is to slowly roll down with bended knees and bring your arms overhead.

Donkey kickbacks

This abs exercise can be done through kneeling in all fours with your toes tucked under. Kick your right leg straight out behind you while at the same time squeezing your butt.

Advanced leg crunches

You can achieve this through lying on your back with knees bent with a 3 pound dumbbell in between your feet. Next is to place your hands beneath your sitting bones.

Belly blaster

Lying on your back, you have to pull your left leg in order to meet your right leg then reach your weight up towards the ceiling. Keep your head and shoulder elevated from the floor.

Driving knee crunch

Lie on your back using a stability ball and your feet and hip to have a distance on the floor. Place your hand at the back of your head and the other holding the floor to maintain balance. Crunch up and twist your rib cage and right shoulder on your left knee while stretching your right leg.

Scale position

This abs exercise can be done through a cross-legged position with your hands on the floor next on your hips. Tighten the pelvic floor and hold it for 3 breaths and lower back down.

Boat position

Sit on the floor, hands beneath on the knees. Keep your shoulders back and chests lifted and raise your lower legs until they are already parallel on your floor.

Cross leg diagonal crunch

Bend your left knee then cross it on your right leg and place your left foot on your floor close on your right knee. Next thing is you have to crunch up and come back down.