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Benefits of exercises on brain

Benefits of exercises on brain

Benefits of exercises on brain

Exercise is a weight loss tool necessary to shed unwanted pounds or maintain a desired weight. However, exercise also provides many mental health benefits. Read the article below and learn how exercise can feed your brain and help you meet your weight loss goals.

Stress and Anxiety

Exercise provides a great outlet for relieving stress and anxiety. Relieving stress and anxiety is extremely important when pursuing weight loss, because we often eat when we are stressed or anxious. Of course when we eat to curb stress, we do not usually make the best choices in food. Instead, we choose foods that hinder weight loss. Foods high in fat and calories are usually what we head for, because high fat foods gives us that feel good feeling when we eat them. However, if we exercise when we are stressed, we can avoid the comfort food pitfalls.

Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
of the project WOW Bali

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Nata Gonchar

Holistic Nutritionist, founder
of the project WOW Bali

As Hippocrates said, you are what you eat. The meaning of this phrase concerns every person, who takes care of his health. The food we eat has a big impact on our vital activity, state of health and quality of life.

Nowadays healthy diet is very popular and everyone knows that he should give up junk food. But not everyone knows what he must eat except for grain, vegetables and protein food.

It's essential to diversify your diet. Every bite of food should provide you with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are necessary for good health.

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Studies have proven that exercise relieves stress. Exercise also produces chemicals which make you feel good. These chemicals are commonly known as endorphins. When endorphins are released, the body is able to calm down. Exercise also makes you sweat. When you sweat, your temperature rises. Studies show that when your temperature rises, you find yourself in a relaxed state rather than in a heightened anxious one. Lastly, exercise is a healthy distraction. If you are distracted, then you are unable to think about your stressful situation or comfort foods.


Exercise also combats depression. The same endorphins that relieve stress also curb depression. If you stick with a regular workout routine, your depression will dissipate. Many people eat when depressed so, instead of eating, exercise. You will feel better about yourself, look better, and feel less blue.

Brain Power

Another weight loss benefit of exercise is brain power. Brain power provides the body with the ability to stay focused, alert, and avoid fatigue. When we are focused, alert, and awake, our metabolism is moving at a faster speed. Increased metabolism wards off fatigue and burns more calories. Simple and affordable exercises not only helps you achieve your weight loss goals, but makes you healthier mentally, too.