Thick bloodHealthy food
Thick blood? This is how nutrition can help to avoid the dreaded blood clotting
Contents:   Thick blood and thrombosis: causes, symptoms, and possible complications Who is at risk of blood clotting Available diagnostics How
Alkaline dietDiet
Top alkaline foods
Contents:  The background of the alkaline diet: the pH balance What is the alkaline diet How does the alkaline diet work Health benefits of the alkaline
Thiamine: health benefits, daily allowance and vitamin-rich foods
Contents: Role of thiamine in the body Recommended dietary allowance of thiamine Thiamine deficiency Causes of thiamine deficiency Treating thiamine deficiency
SugarHealthy food
Sugar – list of products that can replace sugar
Contents:   What is sugar Natural and added sugars Added sugars and health Daily sugar intake There are many common beliefs and misconceptions
Sea BuckthornHealthy food
Sea Buckthorn: health benefits and harms
Contents:  Botanical description Nutritional information Benefits of sea buckthorn Recommended daily dosage Contraindications Sea buckthorn is one
Supplements for DiabetesNutritiology
Supplements for Diabetes: how to choose
Contents:  Supplementation for people affected by diabetes Supplements for type 1 and 2 diabetes Vitamins for eye health in diabetes Nutritional supplementation
Metabolic syndromeNutritiology
Metabolic syndrome: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention
Contents:   What is metabolic syndrome Causes of metabolic syndrome Risk groups Symptoms of the metabolic syndrome Diagnostics The solution
Bifidobacteria and LactobacilliNutritiology
Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli: deficiency and what kind of food contains them
Contents:   What is the human microbiota The role of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in human health Intestinal dysbiosis and Bifidobacteria &
Water-soluble vitaminsHealthy food
Water-soluble vitamins: daily requirement
Contents:  Water-soluble vitamins Health benefits of B vitamins Health benefits of vitamin C Deficiencies Foods rich in water-soluble vitamins Supplementation
Why do we need zinkNutritiology
Why do we need zink
Contents:  The benefits of zinc The guide on the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for zinc Top foods rich in zinc Zinc deficiency Zink toxicity Zinc